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Here are our current faculty and consultants.

Jason Schlatter
Founder & Senior Principal

Jason Schlatter, known for strengthening relationships and creating successful pathways to collaborative efforts across sectors, utilizes informed design, strategic planning, and effective engagement to provide impactful results for his clients. As a coach, Jason has a natural sense of how to work with each individual, modeling excellent business competency, leadership, and compassion working side-by-side with the most senior executive or the newest hire.

Jason’s passion, and vocation, is to facilitate collaborative efforts and enhance the strategic organizational and relational objectives of his clients by blending innovation with proven methods and techniques. He has a Master of Arts with a concentration in Intercultural Relations and Organizational Development with over 15 years’ experience in organizational development and stakeholder engagement in corporate, civic, and nonprofit settings. Faculty & Consultation Services Include:

  • Executive Coaching

  • Strategic Planning

  • Board & Leadership Development

  • Collective Impact Initiatives

  • Instructional Design

  • Program Creation and Adaptation

  • Intergenerational Leadership

Elke Rechberger, PhD

Dr. Elke Rechberger is a licensed clinical psychologist and the founder and CEO of Psychology by Design, Inc. In addition to her private practice, she is busy developing progressive systems change via multi-agency collaborations at federal, state, and county levels, promoting clinical best practices and service integration by developing conferences, creating training curriculum, and conducting round-table discussions with community leaders. She also provides technical assistance nationally and internationally for non-profit, academic, and government organizations. Faculty & Consulting Services Include:

  • Self-care for Social Service Workers

  • Mental Health Issues in Client Services

  • Effective Case Management Strategies

  • Healthy Boundaries and Ethical Practices

Raffi Arslanian, PsyD
Faculty & Consultant

We're are so pleased to have Coach Raffi partner with us on several new trainings. Dr. Raffi Arslanian, owner of Coach Raffi Consulting specializes in Organizational Psychology and works as an independent leadership consultant for organizations of all sizes. He completed his Masters in Industrial – Organizational Psychology and Doctorate in Organizational Psychology at the California School of Professional Psychology. Faculty & Consultant Services Include:

  • Professional Communication Skills

  • DiSC Assessments

  • Team Dynamics

  • The Change Cycle

  • Facilitation

Candice Dickens-Russell
Faculty & Consultant

Candice is a dynamic, effective, well-connected consultant specializing in sustainability, environmental education, environmental literacy, and social justice. A Los Angeles native, she led the California Regional Environmental Education Community (CREEC) Network for Los Angeles County for over a decade building a network of over 100 local environmental organizations. Candice majored in Environmental Studies with an emphasis in Sustainability & Social Justice at San Francisco State University. Faculty & Consultant Services Include:

  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

  • Environmental Literacy

  • Corporate Environmental Sustainability

Bryan Schwartz, CFP
Faculty & Financial Planning Consultant

Bryan has a genuine passion for helping clients improve their lives through smart, thoughtful comprehensive financial planning.  Combining a decade of experience as an educator with another decade of daily work as a certified financial planner, individuals, families, and organizations turn to Bryan for sensible personal financial planning and wealth management. Faculty for:

  • Financial Literacy - Adults & Transition-Aged Youth

  • Financial Planning - Employee Benefits

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