Impact Capital, LLC solves both the people and process problems faced by the corporate, nonprofit, and municipal sectors. Our mission is to create positive impacts in the profits, relationships, and communities of each sector. We accomplish this mission by co-creating effective space to Imagine where & how our clients grow, Design the necessary strategy, environment, process, or program, and Engage the assets and relationships necessary for success. 

Jason Schlatter, known for strengthening relationships and creating successful pathways to collaborative efforts across sectors, utilizes informed design, strategic planning, and effective engagement to provide impactful results for his clients. As a coach, Jason has a natural sense of how to work with each individual, modeling excellent business competency, leadership, and compassion working side-by-side with the most senior executive or the newest hire.

Impact Capital, LLC is proud to be one of the consulting and training firms approved by the California Workforce Association to provide stakeholder engagement, training, and consulting services for all workforce development boards in the State of California.

Let's see how we can help you solve your people and process problems!

Jason Schlatter
Founder & Senior Principal

Jason’s passion, and vocation, is to facilitate collaborative efforts and enhance the strategic organizational and relational objectives of his clients by blending innovation with proven methods and techniques. He has a Master of Arts with a concentration in Intercultural Relations and Organizational Development with over 15 years experience in organizational development and stakeholder engagement in corporate and nonprofit settings.


As a consultant, Jason strengthens relationships, facilitates growth, builds partnerships, develops professionals, and advances the overall goals of an organization through informed design, strategic planning, strong professional development, and effective engagement. Faculty & Consultation Services Include:

  • Executive Coaching

  • Strategic Planning

  • Board & Leadership Development

  • Collective Impact Initiatives

  • Instructional Design

  • Program Creation and Adaptation

  • Intergenerational Leadership

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